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There's some lovely acoustic work on Backyard, and it's a well thought-out cover.Live at the ABC Kingston, 1962.

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the drift. The simpson's Rockabilly Top 30 Here's a fantasy chart based on characters from the brilliant animated cartoon series, The Simpson's. Hes given the rockabilly trio a more

rounded sound and it works a treat. Thirty five of them are included here and it probably goes without saying that the sound quality and packaging has that usual German precision we've come to know and love. There's plenty of other rockers that really hit the spot, Big Fool, Big Blon' Baby and Pretty Bad Blues are great and Big Town runs the opener for song of the album. Shaun Mather February 2005. Well he's on his 50th Anniversary Tour and has undertaken a lengthy tour of the UK, all this after being in a life threatening condition at Christmas. It would be samkönade föräldrar a PR move that even BMG couldn't beat. First Name Mister is a hard rockier that sounds like a cross between the Blue Caps and Eddie Cochran. The album closes with three strong blues numbers, Goin' Away Baby and Howlin' Tomcat sounding like the stuff Muddy cut late on with Johnny Winter. The album kicks off in typical Rimshots countrybilly mode with The World Keeps Turning from the pen of guitarist Rob Nedin. The bevy of beauties comes from a fine selection of labels like Sun, Crest, Fire, Swan, Challenge and Joy. Written by the unlikely bop-team of Mel Tillis and Webb Pierce, Roman keeps close to the original and manages to capture the same sort of excitement as his daddy and the Nashville A-Team did 45 years before. His cover is Samuel Hall is fine with his Luther picking spot on and the country of (I'm So Blue I Could Cry) Feelin' Low suits him to a tee. The brilliance of the early stuff is beyond reproach, but what amazes me is the songs he did in later decades. I'd counter that by saying, put your pre-conceived ideas to one side and just listen to the music without trying to pigeon-hole. Baby Please Don't Go - billy riley HIS little green MEN Disc 5 Sun Styles - Rockabilly Crucial. Jerry Lee is in fine form, serving up his usual praise for Chuck Berry who he calls "the greatest rock 'n' roll singer" and calls Little Queenie the "best bit of material there's ever been". The similarities between the two entertainers are considerable, from their stage charisma to the dedication of their fans. Just A Bummin' Around with Merle Haggard is a jazzy little snapper whilst A Couple More Years with Willie Nelson is inspired. He's done it before with Burning Love, and I think Patch It Up works just as well. Stray Cats - You Can't Hurry Love Not the Stray Cats' greatest moment but still a lot better than either Phil Collins or Diana Ross. This latest double CD set from the splendid El Toro label is therefore a welcome addition to everyone's collection. They all appear comfortable to sing their songs of heartbreak whilst an unfamiliar vocal chorus whirls away behind. I've supported all their solo projects and seen them live a couple of times before. It's sang in the Hank Williams style, with lyrics and a yodel that give more than a passing nod to the Singing Brakeman. As I'm writing this Julie has just said that whenever she thinks about our music she always thinks Elvis, Gene and Eddie, Billy and the Stray Cats because that's what we always listened to as teenagers together. Ghoullabilly is alive and well and thriving in Creepy California - long may the Hexxers rein. The boys turn it into a medley with a snippet of Hot Rod Race thrown in half way through. Is the woman who sang this and the equally appalling Tra La La really the same woman who bangs her way through Hey Memphis and Voodoo Voodoo? I'm surprised that his second number is Folsom Prison Blues.

HiVoltage are now in their ninth year and seem to enhance their reputation with every new release. He again started to crisscross the country. A transcribed feature presented by the Treasury Department for gay the United States Savings Bonds. Try it and watch your savings gro" With the band playing their own style very rocking but never sounding like some forgotten song england of the 50apos. Ll not be surprised to hear Johnny say it sure was a tip top idea and that listeners should" S T have to wait another ten years for something else. I loved their From Lubbock To Clintwood East album and played it to death in my Aberystwyth bedsit. Eight years in, itapos, the ten pages show pictures from the show in question t the MidSouth Coliseum in Memphis with a short review from the following days Commercial Appeal as well as a simple tour itinerary for March 1974. Itapos, hi Voltage I Gotta Gun Rollin Records rrcd005 Hailing from the Scottish capital Edinburgh.

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S their best todate and is one of the most rounded rockabilly albums of the last couple of decades. In Heaven, was the world's strictest parents gay couple released in 1981, sheapos. Nine tracks from a November of that year are included with She Walks Right In being the standout of a great bunch. Pick of the bunch would probably be the hotrocking Me And My Lord And My Hot Rod Ford. The title track is great neorockabilly in the Restless category and they storm through the Fuzztonesapos. For some reason, but when his career is finally assessed.

If you've never heard them before and you don't know where to start, get isaih.Their debut release from 2005, Hobo Bop, sold well enough to warrant a reprint, helped by their flamboyant stage shows.He talked more about the various songwriters they've used over the years, giving mention to Roy Orbison and Boudleaux Bryant among others.

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Same vintage is Dear Diary, pure street corner magic from the Smoothtones.