The Mad Men GQA: Vincent Kartheiser on Whether Pete

7 Times Mad Men s Pete Campbell Was A Good Guy, Because

The interiors already seem out of date ditto Trudys full-skirted hostess dress, even though it was fashionable just a few years ago when Betty Draper favored.Rope while they talk about how a man could fit inside the giant stereo.His moms not exactly a warm body in the room.

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in his pot-smoking moment in the office and his pragmatic "surrender" to the slippery Bob Benson. Hes the new Duck Phillips. It shocked _me _when I read. In a sense, were right there with him. Petes colossal sense of entitlement seems to stem from his wealthy upbringing, but its hard not to pity him anyway. It was fun to know that I was going to disappoint oh-so-many people. I know Roger had Lane for the win, but I kinda had Pete! For a lot of reasons. Vincent Kartheiser: * Thats a really hard question to answer. Roger makes the point to Lane that you should never close before dessert any sooner and you risk the mark losing interest, knowing the decision of whether youll be going home together is now theirs to make. Perhaps it is to leave some vague reason for the actions I have recently performed. Pride and Prejudice at Minnesotas famed Guthrie Theater, to talk about Pete Campbells rocky yearincluding those bombshell scenes with Bob Benson, and the question of whether Pete could actually be gay. Vincent Kartheiser: I didnt have that feeling, so I think Matt Weiner might have reassured me at some point. I dont quite understand what it is that compels me to type this letter. He cant fix his own sink, cant pick up pretty young girls, cant even beat up Lane (although he can call him. It was smart and well-cast and dramatic and beautiful to look at and, occasionally, as funny as any comedy. He shares the latter tendency with Roger, which is why they are both prone to throwing tantrums, each one promising to hold their breath for longer. Mad Men universe: a good egg. Could it really be love? I mean, I dont know. References to death abound. From Texas sniper, charles Whitman s suicide note, oh, Pete Campbell, you poor bastard. I dont have a wife right now, Im gonna get an apartment in Detroit, and maybe things will start looking. All he can do is pay hookers to treat him the way he feels he deserves, and even that cant save him from the way he feels watching Handsome finger his drivers ed crush. Pete could have been part of Peggy and Kens friendship pact had he not been so weird and jealous and cruel to them both. Don chastises Pete for cheating on Trudy with a leopard-print-clad prostitute, but when has Don ever given a shit who anyone screwed, including himself? Another partner, Cutler, asks him at one point, "Why are you always on this floor? GQ: After discovering Bobs true identity, Pete tells him, "I dont know how people like you. Pete didnt do what he did last time.

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I think thats part rough gay anal of what this season was about. Thats the thing about the show. But then feels condescended to when treated like teacher stident gay porn a son rather a peer.

I guess, pete Campbell thinks it must be, probably.GQ: After discovering Bobs true identity, Pete tells him, I don t know how people like you.

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I guess hes not really close to anybody. Was it really love, all before you draper even realize what happened. Petes never done it, gQ, here, why hasnt this quintessential TV villain become popculture shorthand yet. Moreover, is that it was one of our last big water cooler shows. I truly believe that Matt could have a plan for me that involves things that he will never tell me about until the last minute. Somewhere in the suburbs, you can go from fondly remembering something from yesteryear to saying everything was better then to ranting about teens vaping on Snapchat.

I knew I could wake up on Monday and see a ton of interesting takes about.But its not necessarily some romantic thing; its just the way.What are you doing here?" And Im on his floor, I have a corner office, and when the season began, at least, I had a lot of accountsbefore the merger.

Does Anybody Else Really Miss Mad Men?

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