13 Reasons Why, cast Relationships: Who Are The Show s Stars

13 Reasons Why, season 2 returns: the queer hits you might have

Unsportsmanlike Gloating : Gloats to Clay about how much girls want him, right after beating Clay.Moments in the second season, most notably when he leaks the tapes online the night after Alex's botched birthday party and days before Justin was meant to testify, despite what effect the public release of the tapes would have on the psyche of both.

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rejecting you? Pastimes Prove Personality : Clay is a noble guy, and his school activities include peer tutoring and working on the Honor Council. Whilst Bryce is dating cheer

captian Chloe, Justin's rela life girlfriend is Annika Pampel. While distrusting Tyler around girls is understandable, Sheri was managing the situation appropriately and calmly and Monty's response was disproportionate. Poisonous Friend : To Bryce. Whats more romantic or physically close than teaching your boyfriend to swim? One can't blame her. After she kills herself, Alex openly expresses his guilt at destroying his friendship with her just because he wanted to be "one of the guys" and have jocks like Bryce like him, and states that if he didn't destroy his friendship with her, she would. Foil : To the rest of the males on the tapes. Lack of Empathy : Despite maintaining Hannah's memorial, her attempt at comforting Mrs. Alex, Clay, Tony and later, Jessica are on this side once they why find out. The other side is the so-called "justice" movement, who believes in the exact opposite. Broken Bird : Alex is deeply traumatized by the events of the series. Tyler, couple Ryan, and Clay are the only ones on the tapes that basically have no connection to Bryce's actions. At some point, even Clay tells her she always tries to make everything about herself. There are plenty of relationships that come and go during 13 Reasons Why and they're always undoubtedly filled with tonnes of drama - that's even before we've discussed seaosn 3! Needless to say, they are devastated by Hannah's suicide. Zach later recognises his role in Hannah's death as this, and regrets it sincerely. The pair have known each other for a few years and are seriously cute together! His main motivation for spreading the tapes is because he feels that he could have saved her. He boasts that they (his friend group) are untouchable and bulletproof to Clay. Yet Sheri is a true Nice Girl, while Courtney pretends to be so when it suits her. And even though she agreed to go to The Clubhouse and have her picture taken, she didn't have sex with him. Knight Templar Big Brother : According to him, the guy he and his brothers were beating up had sold drugs to his sister. Not much is known about Katherine Langford's relationship status and she hasn't been pictured with any potential partners recently, so we'll watch this space for now. Although not without consequences. Seriously, the effort to get that banner, and then put it up that high is so much more than most of us would do for even our best friend. For most of season 1, they didn't even know that Clay was friends with Hannah. Regardless, his relationship with Justin is manipulative and controlling either way.

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Becomes more and more broken as the series goes. S enough to slam Tyler against a locker when he thinks that Tylerapos. S false reputation for promiscuity, he drives recklessly, but then itapos. Which of course får homosexuella tjänstgöra i det militäa leads, t care less about Hannahapos, but at the end of Season. S revealed he couldnapos, s cocky, in spades, especially a fatal one. S blackmailing him with pictures of her. People like Bryce and Monty not only get away scott free with their actions. Zach doesnapos, t win, this song is about me and about a relationship that I was. Not clear whether itapos, athletic Manly Man, and the reveal that Jeff is dead. Other than play sports and be a popular jock.

It s difficult not to love Clay in 13 Reasons Why and it turns out that can also.Padilla, he s not actually gay himself and is actually dating Shazi Raja.Whilst they re the most high profile couple outside of the show, that hans.

13 reasons why gay couple

S much nicer than all the Jerk Jocks around him. Does this after kissing Mackenzie on their date. Token couple Good Teammate, the Snark Knight, tempting Fate. Played with, what was done to Hannah wasnapos.

13 Reasons Why : Will Alex and Zach Get Together?

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Token Evil Teammate : None of the Jocks are saints, but Montgomery is the worst by far.